Foreach Labs at XR Alpe Adria Online Meetup 2020

Foreach Labs at XR Alpe Adria Online Meetup 2020

Today on 24.3.2020 we were present at the XR Alpe Adria Online Meetup where we presented How we can use AR gestures to improve UX in AR applications. The whole event agenda is available at link here.

Robi Pritrลพnik, our CEO presented a solution and perspective how use of Augmented Reality gestures can help improving User Experience in AR/VR applications. The whole speech and presentation is available in slovenian language in video below.

In the presentation we presented usage of AR Gestures using on SDK called ManoMotion.

AR gestures usage has many benefits such as:

  • A new principle of interaction in mobile AR applications
  • Fun, user-friendly approach
  • Good starting point with UX enhancement
  • Easy to use and embed into application
  • No need for accessories such as controllers to interact with AR experiences

We are also providing the full presentation available on Google slides here: