Augmented Reality for architecture and interior design

Augmented Reality for architecture and interior design

Architecture visualisation and interior design can be quite a challenge, when dealing with problems in the area of visualising space and layouts. AR is adding value to the experience where users are able to digitally visualise the layout before the construction hasnโ€™t even started.

Why should you consider using AR in architecture and interior design?

We can list a few benefits of using AR in these two fields:

  • a great 3D representation of the space
  • no need to do additional renders if you want to customize the layout
  • user has the ability to move objects around space
  • simple way of seeing how new ideas put into work

Example of using AR in architecture

How will AR help transform architecture?

AR will enable you to offer your customers new way of visualising 3D space and interior layout, it will be special and immersive.

AR can be used to visualise a completely empty space and to give an existing space a fresh look, enabling you to use the current real environment and visually place new objects to it.

Cool example of using AR for interior design

What do I need to start an AR project for architecture and interior design?

What is great about architecture business when dealing with AR is that you already have 3D models for your projects available. Usually that part is time consuming, you just need to do the AR visualisation within an app.

Main questions to answer before going into development:

  1. is the project going to be web based or mobile based; there are some limitations when doing web based development currently
  2. define the scope; start with small baby steps and later on scale your project
  3. prepare some content for the app; you will need information for the models and objects if you want to display them in the app
  4. finish the development with an AR development agency