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merging virtual and physical

Mixed Reality Development

Mixed Reality

Mixed Reality combines virtual and physical worlds into one combined experience that enables traveling from one reality to another. It also consists of combining segments from virtual and real objects.

What is MR?

MR stands for Mixed Reality and is sometimes referred as »Hybrid Reality«. MR combines the usage of VR and AR. There is a small difference between AR and MR, even if they represent the same concept: MR offers more interaction with virtual objects.

How does MR work?

As said before, MR is a combination of VR and AR. Usually the user is required to use special glasses that enable such experience: note that those are not virtual reality glasses, because he has to see the real environment, too.

The user can interact with virtual objects, because his hands are free and he doesn’t hold any controllers.

Who can benefit from MR technology?

Different industries require different approaches to AR, but each and everyone is meant to accomplish a new experience and enrich existing content.

Industries already using VR:

  • Medical
  • Automotive
  • Education
  • Entertainment
  • Architecture