Augmented Reality for tourism and travel

Virtual Tours can enable great experience for tourists. It can be applied to tourist attractive points, museums, local travel destinations and more.

AR Time Machine – show history in an exciting way

With use of AR you can create virtual spots that can be used as Time Machines which show you the past, you feel like you are there.

AR Tour Guides

Offer tourist an innovative way that will guide them through local tourist spots. They will have the best experience and will never forget it.

It’s innovative and fun

Travelling and visiting tourist attractions should be fun. AR is a great way for achieving such goals.

It’s educating

AR creates great tourist experiences, but also enables to learn new things in a fun and interactive way.

You can market it

Same object but different environment. AR enables you to change space but see the same objects.

AR will digitalize tourist destinations

It is the next big thing in
digitalization of tourism.

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