Augmented Reality for architecture and furniture

Imagine placement of furniture and objects at home, office or outside. Augmented Reality offers you to visualize the design in real environment before you actually build it.

ARchitecture visualization

AR enables you to arrange objects in environment while being physically present in real world.

Interior Design on a new level

AR enables you to use a vierarity of virtual objects in real environment, change them and see which one fits better.

Space measurement and object placement

Users can try if objects fit in environment without the need of measuring space.

Change objects without doing renders

If you decide to change object or try something different, there is no need to create new renders.

Can be applied to any environment

Same object but different environment. AR enables you to change space but see the same objects.

It will give you a whole new view of space

You will be able to look at the
space arrangement in a whole new way.
It is revolutionary.

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